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When going through my cat pics to find ones to upload, I found this awesome shot of Jojo that I didn’t even know I had!  Jo was 9 mos old when I adopted him in the summer of 2002, so he is 10 years-old this year.

My main man, Jojo.  Jojo is a very unique cat.  I cannot tell you how many people have come to our home and stated, “I hate cats, but I love Jojo!”  

My little man Max.  Max is the third of my three black cats.

My Gia, who is 13 years-old this year.  

Henri via Neila


Om Nom :)


check the i love black cats page on facebook for details (3:30 am- 11:30pm)


Osku loves the top of the bookshelf. He’s very agile at coming down. 


Moving day was very taxing for Osku. <3 Here he is hiding on the kitchen counter. (He changed that place to “behind the biggest garbage bags” when the new fridge came in.) 


byson, trying to hide not knowing we can see him…

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